Hair Therapist Mask

Hair Therapist Mask

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The Hair Therapist is a moisturizing mask treatment originally intended for professional salon use that is fortified with Keratin and vital nutrients to help repair, rejuvenate and rebuild your elasticity. Keratin is a protein found naturally in the hair strand and gives the hair its structure. The cuticle is the outer most part of each hair shaft that provides vital protection to your hair. Keratin also helps to keep your hair from breakage and/or damage as the Keratin itself bonds to the rough edges of individual hair strands and covers the cuticle providing strength and shine. A healthy diet with ingredients of natural origins and proper shampooing and conditioning treatments are of course entirely vital to healthy and thick hair that exudes resilience and luster. It is critically vital to adequately moisturize your hair and consume enough water to keep your hair healthy and growing adequately.

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The Hair Therapist treatment is intended to provide a maximum moisturizing effect and the vital elasticity that protects against day to day elemental exposure.

The Hair Therapist Mask provides:

 A highly effective hair moisturizing treatment

 Rebuilds elasticity to help protect hair

 Naturally accruing Keratin protein to strengthen and protect your hair from damage

After washing, use a smaller amount of The Hair Therapist mask on mid shaft and ends of the hair. Brush through and leave in for a minimum of 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly before drying.

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