Invigorating Mint Rinse

Invigorating Mint Rinse

$ 24 

This conditioner soothes the senses and thoroughly conditions the hair.

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  • Oily or itchy scalp relief
  • Returning your scalp to its normal pH levels
  • Clears away dead skin and bacteria
  • Strengthens roots and encouraging growth and oxygenation
  • Pleasant aromatherapy properties

After cleaning away the dirt and residual elements from your skin and hair with the Invigorating Mint Cleanser this conditioner will leave your hair smooth and silky allowing for smooth brushing. This product is intended for: Conditioning the hair and scalp Moisturizing and soothing hair that has been cleaned with Invigorating Mint Cleanser Men’s and Women’s daily conditioning

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Leave-In Treatments are all professional salon grade products and if you are not satisfied we will replace or refund the product.

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