Leave-In Hair Therapy

Leave-In Hair Therapy

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Strengthens, controls frizz, and seals! Leave-in hydrating hair therapy with Pro-vitamins B5 that repairs damage and seals split and damaged ends. Hydrates your hair for a healthy and vibrant result.

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Hair thrives in a moisture-rich environment. Just like our skin, hair also needs lubrication from the inside out.

  • Deep Conditioning Solution.
  • For Men And Women.
  • Moisturizes While Reversing Split Ends
  • Hydrates, Strengthens, and Controls Frizz

Following shampooing and conditioning, apply a small amount to towel dried hair. Work through hair concentrating on ends. Proceed to blow dry or let dry naturally. Can be used on dry hair to smooth frizz and flyaways.

Chlorinated and salty water can make hair frizzy. To help prevent this, rinse your hair just before entering the swimming pool. The strands will absorb the clean water to minimize the abortion of chlorine from the pool water. We advise a quick rinse to your hair and coating it with our Leave-In Hair Therapy for some extra protection once your swim is finished.

To maximize the hydration of your hair, follow these steps:

1. Clean your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

2. Towel dry your hair lightly.

3. Apply Leave-In Hair Therapy by working it through your hair with your hand with a focus on the ends.

4. Blow-dry or simply let your hair dry naturally.

To achieve flowing and curly locks, follow these steps:

1. After applying Le Cure Paris’ Leave-In Hair Therapy, separate your hair into four sections and twist each until you form a bun. Secure these rolls of hair with a pin.

2. Lightly blow-dry.

3. Let your hair down & enjoy your beautiful new wavy hair.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Leave-In Treatments are all professional salon grade products and if you are not satisfied we will replace or refund the product.

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