Sweet Blossom Moisturizing Shampoo

Sweet Blossom Moisturizing Shampoo

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Sweet Blossom Shampoo is an Argan Oil infused cleanser that both adds moisture and prepares your hair for conditioning. This shampoo is unique in its moisture retaining qualities and your hair will feel softer and increase its elasticity while avoiding unnecessary oily or greasy characteristics. Moisturizing your hair has many benefits including retaining your hair growth, making you look and feel better, avoiding shrinkage and maximizing length. Sweet Blossom Shampoo has the aroma of orange cream and leaves you with a clean and fresh sense after your shower. Testimonials:  “I use this product on my clients for hair that is dry or split and it works a charm. My clients and I can tell the difference and it is nice to have a solid product to turn to when I encounter these issues” MH  The smell is pleasant but not too sweet. It leaves the hair feeling clean but not dry and it does not leave residue like some other moisturizing conditioners can” MM.

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Argan Oil has many positive qualities for the hair and scalp and some of these are:

 Proven to make your hair softer, silkier and shinier

 Ability to tam frizz and give your hair shine

 Moisturizes, softens and hydrates the scalp

 Has antioxidants that are beneficial for healing skin which is irritated, cracked, damaged or even burned.

This product is intended for:

 Moisturizing dry hair and scalp conditions

 Leaving your hair clean of skin, oils & residue of most other products in preparation to be conditioned

 Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Leave-In Treatments are all professional salon grade products and if you are not satisfied we will replace or refund the product.

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