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A hair consultation with Sophie Davies at The Hair Parlor On 8th in Los Angeles


We know how important good people are. We bring in the best and hang on to them.

We’ve created a team of the most talented stylists and colorists in Los Angeles. Their skills, training, and experience are unmatched. And in the beauty world of upturned noses and fragile egos, our team stands along with a warm, welcoming smile. Come see for yourself!

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Sophie and Andrew Davies at The Hair Parlor On 8th in Los Angeles

The Hair Parlor On 8th:
A Family Affair

Sophie is originally from Paris, France. Having lived most of her youth in Europe, her family moved to the US in the late 80's, where she has lived on both coasts. Sophie and Andrew worked most of their lives as business professionals and had the opportunity to travel all over the world, but settled in Los Angeles, CA  10 years ago upon which, Sophie delved into the world and art of Beauty.

Along with her husband Andrew, they built and started The Hair Parlor on 8th in the beginning of 2015. They work together to keep it current and to ensure the quality and growth of their salon.

Since opening The Hair Parlor on 8th, they have become the proud parents of two young boys named Remington and Wyatt. They live in the neighborhood and are an active part of the local community.